Photo of the Day – 7th of August 2014



The Statue of Liberty surrounded by scaffolding as workers complete the final stages in Paris. Circa 1885


Photo of the Day – 12th of April 2014



Today in 1983, the first spacewalk of the shuttle program: Astronauts Story Musgrave, left, and Don Peterson float in the cargo bay of the Earth-orbiting space shuttle Challenger during their April 7, 1983, spacewalk on the STS-6 mission.


A selection of my favourite images from my recent trip to the beautiful country that is Iceland. It is a stunning place, wild, remote and seemingly only conquered by the grim determination of those who have made it their home.

Why trying to save a few pennies as a photographer cost me a fortune.

I have learnt many lessons in my years as a professional photographer but if there is one that really sticks out it is that every time I have gone for the cheaper option is has cost far more than I have saved in the long run.

Let me give you some examples:

  • Purchased generic batteries rather than Nikon originals for my D700 saving £30.
    • Net result – Even though it was showing as fully charged the battery died half way through a wedding ceremony. Luckily I had spares in my bag but I lost key shots while changing it. 
  • Purchased bulk Duracell AA’s for my flash from eBay saving £2-3 per pack.
    • Net result – Batteries were fakes and leaked in my flash. Cost of a new SB910 £318.89. Not covered on insurance as it is ‘contamination’. 
  • Purchased 3rd party grip for my D700 saving £200.
    • Net result – The cheaper grip was not properly regulated and fried my camera mid wedding. Cost of repair £400 as it invalidated my warranty.
  • Purchased a 3rd party battery pack for my SB910 saving £120.
    • Net result – this ALSO wasn’t properly regulated and fried my flash. Net cost another £318.89 (although my insurance did pay for this minus my excess).
  • Purchased a D700 from a supplier that were the cheapest locally saving £50.
    • Net result – Turns out it was a grey import and had no UK warranty. When it developed a fault on the hot shoe I had to cover the repair. Cost £150.

Sure, you could just say I was unlucky. Repeatedly. But I now only buy Nikon original gear, I only buy direct from Amazon (NOT resellers on their site) and I don’t touch eBay with a barge pole. On a side note I now used the excellent Sanyo 2450 mAh Eneloop rechargeables for my flash. High capacity, last longer than non-rechargeables and much better for the environment.