A selection of my favourite images from my recent trip to the beautiful country that is Iceland. It is a stunning place, wild, remote and seemingly only conquered by the grim determination of those who have made it their home.


Super High Resolution World Map from 1787

A little off topic but I just had to share this amazing site that features a super high resolution copy of a map from 1787. Utterly fascinating and well worth a look:–A-general-map-of-the


Pfff, New Holland? That will never catch on.

Kota Kinabalu Night Market

Kota Kinabalu is not the most inspiring of towns. Just about entirely flattened in WW2 it was rebuilt with no real thought or eye for architecture however it’s one redeeming feature is the fantastic night market. Without doubt it is the best I visited in Malaysia and is amazing to see an entire community come together to cook, eat, shop and laugh. Should you get the chance I can well recommend spending an evening there.

Mount Kinabalu Trek

A few images from my recent ascent of Mount Kinabalu in Borneo.


The final push to the summit starts at 2am – not great light!

D700 – ISO 6400 – 1/20th – 50mm – f1.4



D700 – ISO 6400 – 1/100th – 50mm – f1.4


Fellow climbers following up behind.

D700 – ISO 1600 – 1/100th – 50mm – f4.5


The Summit.

D700 – ISO 1600 – 1/640th – 50mm – f4.5


Tired legs on the descent.

D700 – ISO 1600 – 1/200th – 50mm – f4.5


The Descent.

D700 – ISO 1600 – 1/1000th – 50mm – f4.5


The Descent.

D700 – ISO 1600 – 1/1000th – 50mm – f4.5


A five image panoramic stitch in glorious high res – enjoy!

Macaques and Proboscis Monkeys of the Bako National Park

I know you should never anthropomorphize when looking at wildlife but sometimes it is so very hard not to…..

Macaques of the Bako National Park Pt 1