Backing up in the Cloud – Is it really possible for Photographers?

For the longest of time I have been wanting am offsite backup but it has just not seemed practicable. Given the massive amounts of data I need to store and the relative slowness of my internet connection it looked like there was no way it could be done. My move to a D800 looked like the final nail in the coffin, with each RAW file being 50MB I was chewing through external hard drives at an incredible rate. There was no way I could send this amount of data over the wire.

However, in the last few months things have changed. First of all BT have rolled out their ‘Infinity’ service is my area meaning I get a decent upload speed and secondly someone recommended to me the excellent ‘CrashPlan‘ which has a flat rate for truly unlimited backups!  So here I am 1 month and 1.5TB of data later and I couldn’t be happier with it.


The only thing to keep in mind is that it is not an instant backup. Every wedding takes 2-3 days to upload so you will still need local duplication but once it is in the cloud it is there for good! It is great that as a photographer I finally have the security of an offsite system.


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