Manchester FrotoWalk – The legend of Fro Knows Photo!

A few weeks ago I had a rare treat of an afternoon off with my camera and got to spend a few hours with the legend that is Jared Polin of Fro Knows Photo fame at his first UK FrotoWalk in Manchester. At first I was a little unsure as to what to expect, who would be there? What would we cover? How serious a session was this?

Turns out it was fantastic! Even with what looked like a case of terminal jetlag Jared was witty and entertaining and eager to share his knowledge and experience with the 100 or so who braved the rain to come. He said up a few simple challenges, raised a lot of great points about metering and focus and the danger of “drive” mode as well as sharing his personal philosophy on cropping and image manipulation. Also the fellow ‘togs that came along were great company as well, everyone was so willing to share any ideas or information.

If you are a budding photographer I would heartily recommend checking out his website, there is a ton of great info on there as well as an active forum to help you improve.

Manchester FrotoWalk Manchester FrotoWalk Manchester FrotoWalk


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