Uncle Bob Must Die.

No I am serious. He must.

As a professional wedding photographer I have lost count how many times in the last few years I have had shots ruined by inconsiderate guests. Known in the trade as ‘Uncle Bob’s‘ they often feel they are doing the bride and groom a huge favour by photographing the day but in reality they simply block shots or are a distraction for the couple.

iPad Wanker.

Things have gotten worse with the proliferation of tablets. I am no Luddite but why people see fit to bring these things to weddings is beyond me, I can only assume they feel the need to show them off. They are so oversized they block the view of anyone unlucky enough to be behind the user and the low light performance of the built in cameras is so poor that the images produced are rarely anything more than a noisy blur.


There is no doubt that social media has had a huge impact on this. There is a phenomena I have witnessed many times called ‘The Race to Facebook’ where guests feel like they are in competition with each other to get their pictures posted first. This leads  to them aggressively perusing the couple  in an attempt to get ‘that shot’ so they can get the ‘likes’ in the mistaken belief that in they in some way means something.

I do wish that guests would realise that they are there to enjoy the day, not document it. Relax, enjoy it, and leave the stress of the photography to the professionals.


7 thoughts on “Uncle Bob Must Die.

  1. I’m no photographer, but I recently attended a wedding, and both my partner and I were quite surprised by this. We didn’t even bring our camera, and I didn’t even take my phone out to take pictures. I thought that I was there to attend and witness the ceremony and to celebrate. I’d probably take pictures while mingling during reception or something (though I’d just let others do the work since there were so many cameras around already). Some guest/s didn’t even bother to turn the beeping noise off during the ceremony (I wasn’t even sure if it was only 1 guest or there were several, since there were too much beeping). We just sat back and shook our heads.

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  3. hi, I have been invited to my friends wedding and he has asked me to take as many candid shots of the day as I can for them, I am just a keen amateur with an entry level dslr and some nice lenses, however, the VERY LAST thing I want to do is get in the way of the hired professional,
    I was kinda thinking of just hanging well back with my 70-200 and a 2x converter,
    I would be mortified if I caused any upset at my buddys wedding!
    Any advice would be gratefully received?

    • Hi Matt,

      I have worked with dozens of people at weddings mostly without any problem at all.

      For me the main things to be aware of are to be aware of where the other photographer is shooting so you don’t crash the shot; try not to hover of his shoulder poaching images and if shooting during the ceremony make sure you turn off your auto focus beep.

      Other than back your plan of hanging back and sniping candids on your 200mm sounds rock solid! I do exactly the same!

      • thanks for that mate!
        I try to keep focus off 90% of the time and just trust my eye as much as possible!
        what I’m hoping to catch are the subtleties, the fathers pride and mothers tears!
        sleeping uncles etc, but I have heard the ‘pro’ is a bit of a control freak!
        if it comes to it I will keep the peace and just take use my ixus!
        ps. really like your work!

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