Spider Holster Pro Review

One Sentence Review:

A fantastic if pricey alternative to the standard strap, great for those with back problems.


6 months ago I was looking for an alternative to the BlackRapid strap system. Now, before I start, I should say I am a big fan of BlackRapid. It is a huge improvement over the standard straps and a useful way of having your camera to hand. However, it was causing me some big problems with my back.

Even though the BlackRapid strap distributes the weight well it was putting a lot of strain on my right shoulder and lumbar. I am sure that for most people this would not be a problem but given that I can be wearing the strap for 10-12 hours at a time on a full wedding shoot the discomfort at the end of the day was getting unbearable.

I spent some time looking around for alternatives and after some research found the Spider Holster system. It is a very different way of carrying your camera in that the weight is either in your hand or your hip. After some Google-Fu I opted for the Dual Camera system and it has been a revelation.


First of all it has helped my back because there is no strain on it at all. Secondly it means I can have two bodies at hand with different lenses so I am ready for just about anything. My load-out of choice is my D800 with the 24-70 f2.8  as my main body on my right hip and my D700 with my 85mm f1.4 on the left. Given that the weight of these two cameras with flashes comes very close to 10kg it is astonishing how comfortable it can be to wear for long periods.

The build quality is robust and once holstered there is a catch you can flick to lock the camera in place. The cameras slot away cleanly leaving your hands free to organise a bride and groom and there are also points on the base plate to attach the bracket for a tripod.

The only slight sticking point is that while the camera is in your hand there is no security but I have fitted a hand strap to my D800 which gives it a little extra purchase. I was slightly annoyed that you had to buy the necessary D Ring as an extra given the cost of the belt but the peace of mind it brings is well worth the money.

All told I can recommend the system as a viable alternative to the standard camera strap or BlackRapid system. For those of you who wear your camera for extended periods or suffer from back pain it is an absolute must have.


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