Will Hey Photography – The story of the name……

Will Hey Photography

Will Hey Photography

The one question I am asked more than any other is why I chose the name ‘Will Hey Photography’ for my business? Well, the short answer is ‘I didn’t’!

When I first set out and was choosing my company’s name I was going to opt for the safe bet of ‘Adrian Spencer Photography’ but was surprised to discover that most of the relevant domains had already been registered by a namesake who was based in London.

This was obviously potentially very confusing to clients searching for me as it would have been a real mix up of work and reviews so I started to look around for an alternative. The most obvious was the name of my farm – Willhey Farm. It has a nice ring to it, sounded friendly, what could go wrong?

However when my designer friend put together my logo I never noticed that it had been designed as two words, okayed it the rolled it out over all my pages.

Now I might as well call myself Will!



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