Domke F-2 Original Bag Review

One Sentence Review:

Fantastic quality, hard wearing bag that can pack in a lot of equipment, great if you need to get to your gear on the go.


Full Review

The Domke F-2 is the original photojournalists bag. Designed to be rugged yet portable it has an almost Tardis like quality to swallow up gear yet can sit on your shoulder all day without feeling cumbersome.

The build quality when it is in your hand is much more rugged than it first appears on any website. Little touches like having the main carry strap go all the way under the bag to support the weight and using tough plastic clips rather than metal so they won’t scratch your lenses show it’s pedigree as a bag by photographers for photographers.

As a wedding photographer I have found it invaluable. It can be by my side all day, small enough to hide out the way, and most importantly it doesn’t scream camera bag meaning it is a little more secure.

In terms of equipment it can take two SB-910’s, 4 mid range primes, lens cloths, light meter, a plethora of batteries and wireless triggers and has room in the back pocket for a moleskine notebook and pen.

The only major restrictions are that it doesn’t have room for a laptop or any large zooms. For example you would struggle with a 70-200 or longer.

Please note that this is not my image - there is no way I would ever have my lenses without the caps on like that!

 All told I heartily recommend this bag. After 6 months use it has proven itself to be invaluable time and time again.


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